Belichick goes light at AFC coaches breakfast


Belichick goes light at AFC coaches breakfast

PALM BEACH -- Bill Belichick generally doesn't seem to enjoy like being told where to go, how long to stay and who to talk to.

When he's told those things by NFL officials he likes it even less. And when those things include meeting with the media, he likes it least of all.

So the kinder, gentler, happier Bill Belichick we saw at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis was not in attendance at Tuesday's AFC Coaches Breakfast.

For most of his 45-minute sitdown, Belichick was cordial but curt. Specific questions on the Patriots' personnel moves, rules changes, moves around the AFC and other league issues were met with general responses.

He was ultimately more expansive on some historical topics toward the end of his session.

At one point, I asked Belichick if he would prefer toe surgery or the coaches breakfast.

"This is great," he deadpanned. "Chance to see everybody here, got a good turnout. You guys are pretty well represented."

Noting that Rex Ryan and John Fox were garnering the biggest audiences because of their quarterbacking moves recently, Belichick offered, "Sean (Payton) is out in the lobby if you need to talk to him."

A few nuggets on players . . .

Expectations for Chad Ochocinco in his second season with the team?
I think I have the same expectations for all our players, doesnt matter who they are, doesnt matter what year theyre in. Come in, work hard, be prepared, go out there and compete on the field. No difference for any player. First year, second year, theyre here to play football for us, then thats what they need to do.

On whether Anthony Gonzalez worked out for the Patriots?
Yeah, Im not going to get into specific guys. We go through the process of a lot of things, were comfortable with the player, whatever the process is then we sign him. Or, if hes comfortable with us, then he signs with us. Theres a lot of factors that go into it and kinda each ones different . . . We did a lot of work on him when he came out four years ago. Hes never been in our system, Ive never coached the player, so I dont know. Well have to see how it all goes.

On recently-signed pass rusher Trevor Scott?
Hes another guy who was, four years ago, we did work on him. Thats what we do. We scout the players coming out, evaluate them, some come to our teams, some go to other teams, and then our pro personnel department evaluates them through the course of their career, first, second, third year, whatever it is. Monitor their progress and if they become available later on, whether thats trade, release, free agency, whatever the process is, then we take the old evaluations, put them with the new evaluations and try to get a profile of the player and based on the other factors, our team, salary, contract, etc., all that, sometimes it comes together, sometimes it doesnt, so