Belichick event to give under-the-hood look at Pats past

Belichick event to give under-the-hood look at Pats past
August 3, 2014, 4:15 pm
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FOXBORO – Bill Belichick can sometimes be a reluctant talker.
On August 20, he’s going to need a lozenge. Belichick, along with Tedy Bruschi and Troy Brown will hold an event that he described Sunday as “just a conversation about football.”
The Hall of Fame Huddle at the Boston Harbor Hotel on August 20 is a 90-minute panel discussion in which Belichick, Brown and Bruschi will select plays from memorable Patriots games and break down the execution and strategy behind them.
Proceeds from the event will go to the Bill Belichick Foundation Scholarship Prorgam. The recently christened organization is designed to provide coaching, mentorship, and financial support to individuals, communities, and organizations.
And Belichick understands people love the peek behind the curtain.
“Tedy, Troy and myself, we’ll talk about some of the experiences we’ve had together, the teams,” Belichick said Sunday. “Of course, the two characteristics of those two guys is their teamwork and their leadership. We’ll look at some plays like Troy Brown’s 80-yard touchdown against Miami in overtime. His punt return touchdown in the AFC Championship Game. Bruschi’s interceptions, his sack in the Super Bowl. We’ll just talk about some of the camaraderie and teamwork that we have and some of the specific plays and how they really happened.
Belichick loves to talk about the construct of teams and how chemistry happens.
“I think it’s most challenging in football because of the game and the different dynamics involved,” Belichick said of team-building. “People from all parts of the country and all shapes and sizes – 320-pound linemen and 175-pound wide receivers. There’s a lot of forces that have to come together, a lot of personalities that have to come together. That’s part of the challenge of coaching a team but nobody did it better than those two guys.”
Reluctant though Belichick may be, when he’s engrossed in the Xs and Os, the hows and the whys, it’s fascinating to listen to. That’s what he intends to provide.
“Those (important) plays but also how it impacted those particular games and the strategy involved that went into those games (will be investigated),” Belichick promised. “I’ll be the moderator and let Troy and Tedy go.. I think it’ll cover a lot of different aspects of the game. Just a conversation about football.”