Belichick compares Manning to Montana

Belichick compares Manning to Montana
January 31, 2014, 4:00 pm
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In past years, the loss that ends the Patriots season can put Bill Belichick in a blue mood for weeks.

This year, perhaps because his team overachieved to even reach the AFC Championship game, it seems he isn’t entirely bunkered.

Belichick spoke to the New York Daily News on Wednesday about this weekend’s Super Bowl and Peyton Manning in particular.

“I look at him the way we looked at Joe Montana: You beat him with an entire team game,” Belichick stated. “The more you can keep him on the sideline, the more pressure you can put on him to make a play when he’s back on the field.”
The longer Manning plays, it seems, the higher Belichick’s regard for him rises.
“It is every single thing,” praised Belichick. “It’s cadence. It’s formations. It’s little adjustments he’ll have guys make in pass routes. A protection on an inside-the-20-yard-line play. The changes he’ll make on third down, or with play action. But it’s all within the context of their offense. … And it’s totally him. This is his offense, the one he ran in Indianapolis. He’s the one managing the game. …”

Belichick did indicate the style of defense Seattle plays will be a challenge for Manning.

“I think Seattle is a tough matchup for Denver,” said Belichick. “They don’t have to do things much differently than they have been doing. They’re looking for enough pass rush and doing enough to jam (Manning’s) receivers to cause problems for him doing the things he likes to do. And the amount of zone they play could be a problem for him. But of course that becomes a problem for Seattle if Manning is picking them apart.”