Belichick: Carter's been solid all year

Belichick: Carter's been solid all year
October 17, 2011, 8:52 pm
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While Chad Ochocinco has been a non-factor, Albert Haynesworth is still getting his legs under him and we're not seeing anything earth-shaking from Shaun Ellis, one veteran pickup is doing things of note for the Patriots. Defensive end Andre Carter, brought in with a simple mandate - get to the quarterback - did so twice on Sunday. But those two sacks shouldn't be a signal he's started playing well, according to Belichick. The Patriots head coach said on a conference call Monday that Carter's been playing well since he arrived. "Hes had a really solid year for us," said Belichick. "I think he's performed well pretty much since the first training camp practice. He's a very consistent, high-effort player, strong, experienced, knows what hes doing, very professional. He's been really consistent."Sack stats (and several other numbers that can be twisted) drive Belichick batty. And he mentioned that in discussing Carter."I think its really inaccurate to think that all of a sudden its been something great because he had two sacks yesterday because thats the stat that it really seems all defensive linemen get measured by," Belichick sniffed. "I think its very inaccurate. I think he's played consistently week in and week out. He had a couple big plays yesterday, but hes had good plays for us every week."Belichick was also enthused about the work of Haynesworth in his second game back from a back injury that shut him down for two weeks. "I think missed time is a little bit of a hurdle for anybody," said Belichick. "We talked about linebacker Brandon Spikes earlier, but I think Albert has been the more hes practiced, the more regularly hes practiced and played, the better hes been. I thought he had several good plays yesterday. It was encouraging. A couple of other notes from Belichick's conference call . . . On the traditional postgame coach's handshake and whether he'd miss doing it if the practice ceased"I havent really thought about it."On the play of Brandon Spikes Sunday . . .
"I think Brandon has been improving a little bit every week increased his practice reps and his playing time and all that. I think I said earlier this week that he really missed the entire preseason and he missed the Miami game, so his preseason is kind of coming to a close right now, Id say, in terms of timing and practices and all of that. He's getting better and he made some plays for us on the next-to-last possession defensively. When they were trying to run the clock, he blitzed up the middle a couple times and was disruptive and we were able to get the runner for little or no gain. He showed up on a few plays."On Tuesday's trade deadline"I dont think theres anything where the papers are all typed up and ready to be signed, lets put it that way. But who knows what could happen."