Belichick: Camp work with Bucs won't help

Belichick: Camp work with Bucs won't help
September 18, 2013, 12:15 pm
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FOXBORO -- New England has already hosted the Buccaneers in Foxboro this year. Five weeks ago, the teams met for a trio of cooperative practices before colliding in the preseason's second game.

Think an early look will take the teeth our of Sunday's regular season tilt?

Not really, according to Bill Belichick.

"Of course we've been on the field with them, so we have a little more familiarity," the coach admitted. "But at that point in time we have 90 people in camp, we're trying to run our plays; they have 90 people in camp, they're trying to run their plays and evaluate who can do what, and just have a good competitive practice out there."

There's not a whole lot of scheming or game planning, Belichick added. It's hard to peg matchups, after all, when you can't be sure who will play.

Case in point: Dan Orlovsky threw as many passes as Tampa's current starting quarterback Josh Freeman in that August meeting.

"You're in camp for a couple of weeks and everybody's trying to get their techniques down, trying to get their camp-legs under them, trying to get ready for the season," Belichick said. "This is a much more competitive situation all the way around with very specific competition is involved.

"Now it's a totally different matchup. We have a very specific game plan for them and I'm sure they have a very specific game plan for us, and that's way different from what it was in training camp practices."

If anything, the knowledge of a future fight probably inspired both the Patriots and Bucs to keep certain schemes and plays undercover. So while New England won the preseason round, 25-21, Belichick made it clear one score won't predict the other.

"I don't think this has much to do with that."