Is Belichick to blame for Patriots WR situation?

Is Belichick to blame for Patriots WR situation?
September 16, 2013, 10:15 pm
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Danny Amendola may need surgery for a sports hernia. Meanwhile, Wes Welker is doing his thing in Denver. The Patriots obviously have issues at wide receiver, and you can just look at Tom Brady's face for more proof of that.

So, who's fault is it that the Patriots are in this position? Dan Shaughnessy and Bob Ryan joined Gary Tanguay to discuss the recent state of the Patriots offense.

"It looks bad," Shaughnessy said. "They made decisions. The decision to pay all the money to Hernandez looks bad. And you basically show Welker the door and you come up with the alternative who has missed 21 of his last 34 games while Welker has missed three games since 2004."

Don't look for Ryan to give Bill Belichick the benefit of the doubt. Sure, he knows Amendola can play well, but he also know it's rare when he gets a chance to.

"I have no problem with Danny Amendola. He is who he is," Ryan said. "This is clearly the deal, and I blame Bill Belichick for thumbing his nose at Wes Welker. I think it got very personal for stupid reasons, and I just sit here and judge from afar. And I think he's paying the price for it now. There's no questioning Danny Amendola's talent when he's available to play. What he can do, he's six- five years younger, he has great attributes, he's faster, blah, blah, blah . . . you gotta be on the field. So I'm blaming Belichick. I have no problem with Amendola. For his own sake, I want him back."