Being Hernandez acquaintance bad for health

Being Hernandez acquaintance bad for health
December 17, 2013, 9:00 pm
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Tabitha Perry, a 27-year-old Connecticut woman questioned by police in connection with the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation, was found dead in a Southington, Conn., apartment Monday.
Perry survived a June 30 car accident that killed Thaddeus Singleton, a man described as the “nexus” of Hernandez’ social circle in Bristol.
Singleton reportedly hooked Hernandez up with Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace, the other two men charged in connection with the June 17 murder of Odin Lloyd.
Singleton died when the car he was driving on June 30 flew 100 feet in the air before hitting the side of Farmington Country Club. Though he and Perry had a child, Singleton’s wife was Tanya Singleton, Hernandez' cousin.
Tanya Singleton is also facing charges connected with the death of Odin Lloyd.

Tanya allegedly helped Wallace travel to Florida after Lloyd's death. She also discussed with Ortiz the possibility of springing Ortiz to Puerto Rico.

Both Wallace and Lloyd told police they discussed the shooting of Lloyd with Tanya Singleton. Tanya Singleton also drove Wallace to Georgia before buying him a bus ticket for to Florida.

Robert Valentine, Hernandez’ uncle (brother of his mother, Terri), was killed in a moped accident on August 30.
So that’s three. Four including Lloyd. Six including Danny Abreu and Safiro Furtado, men killed in the South End in 2012.
A vehicle police were seeking in connection with the shooting of Abreu and Furtado was found in June. It was found in Bristol. In the garage of the house Thaddeus and Tanya Singleton lived in, accompanied at time by Ortiz and Ernest Wallace.