Bedard: Don't expect to see Pats offensive shootouts

Bedard: Don't expect to see Pats offensive shootouts
September 11, 2013, 2:15 am
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It looks like the Patriots offense will be pretty bare on Thursday without the likes of Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, and Shane Vereen - and who knows who else at this point.

MMQB's Greg Bedard joined Mike Felger and Gary Tanguay on Sports Tonight to discuss the state of the team going into the second game, and Bedard was asked what the offense looks like without those players in there.

"Challenged and simplistic. If I were them, I would go with a quick pace, run the ball a lot, do some bubble screens, quick stuff, take shots once in a while. Heavy dose of Julian Edelman it's going to have to be, and then try to get what you can out of the kids. I don't think it was overly successful the first game, but that's expected. I only saw the first quarter of the game, I was watching the coaches film before I came here. I saw Kenbrell Thompkins on a screen run the wrong way and then completely block the wrong guys on two run plays. That's not unusual for a rookie. He's swimming a little bit, but that's going on.

"They need to get back to doing some simpler things. I still think they can be successful, but it's just not going to be a shootout like we're used to seeing."

Bedard thinks Amendola will be out Thursday, and said that it personally not a great move for him to come back in to the game against the Bills, but gives him credit for doing it because he played great.

Gary Tanguay said he had no choice to play, based on the talk surrounding his health leading up to the game.

Tanguay also says that the win over the Bills showed the Patriots had depth on offense, but Felger and Bedard disagree, giving more credit to Brady than anything else.

But now without Vereen and Amendola, it's hard to use the word "depth" surrounding the Patriots offense.