Are Patriots treating Ridley differently than other players?

Are Patriots treating Ridley differently than other players?
October 29, 2013, 3:45 am
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The strange season of Stevan Ridley continued on Sunday, as the Pats No. 1 back didn't see a snap in the first quarter of action.

WEEI's Chris Price joined Mike Felger on Sports Tonight to try to figure out what's up. Price doesn't agree with the Pats getting away from Ridley while their passing game is off.

"I think with this situation right now, the passing game struggling, and I wrote it today, they need to focus on a ground and pound situation until you get that passing game to where it needs to be," Price said.

And while nobody can really say for sure why New England benched Ridley - or has gotten away from using him more - Price gives his take.

"They treat Ridley differently," Price said. "They do. I honesty think they treat Ridley differently; they hold him to a different standard. This is a guy who ran for 1200 yards last year. Going into a key divisional game against a team like Miami last week and not starting him, not playing him for an entire quarter, is essentially going into a fight and tying one hand behind your back."

Do you agree with Price? Do the Patriots just treat Ridley differently than other players? And if so, is that fair?