Amendola 'looking forward to Sunday'

Amendola 'looking forward to Sunday'
October 4, 2013, 4:00 pm
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FOXBORO -- Danny Amendola closed out his third-consecutive week of practices this Friday. The receiver suffered a significant groin injury September 8 and has been working to get back on the game field. Will he make this weekend's trip to Cincinnati"

Amendola gave a cryptic answer: "Had a good day today," he said. "We had a good practice, ran around, and made some plays, and looking forward to Sunday, so we'll see."

Asked to clarify, he just smiled.

"Had a good day today. We'll see what tomorrow's like and go from there."

Amendola is officially listed as questionable for Sunday on the team's Friday practice report.

The Patriots will have veteran pass catcher Austin Collie on hand after signing him Thursday. Amendola said the roster addition is a welcome one.

"Austin's obviously been in the league for a while now. He's a great receiver and we're all excited to have him."

Amendola has had a working relationship with Collie for three years. The pair, along with Julian Edelman, worked together in Los Angeles during the NFL lockout and stayed in touch ever since. It makes sense to think Amendola and Edelman could help Collie get settled in New England.

And they probably will -- eventually.

"He's been here for like, 12 hours. I think he got in the other night at like three o'clock in the morning and didn't get too much sleep," Amendola said with a half-laugh "The only thing he's probably worried about is sleeping, right now. But he'll pick up the playbook in no time, I'm sure. It'll be good for him."