Merloni & Tanguay play a game of ‘Pick Your Poison’

Merloni & Tanguay play a game of ‘Pick Your Poison’
July 24, 2014, 6:00 am
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Lou Merloni and Gary Tanguay play a game of ‘Pick Your Poison.’

On Arbella Early Edition, Gary Tanguay asks Lou Meloni to "Pick Your Poison."

Merloni chose four topics to discuss.


If the Pats were in the NFC, would they be in one of the top three teams?

"Yes they'd be three," said Merloni. "Because I think the defense is that good. The conversation would be them and the Green Bay Packers, in my mind, I would imagine. You look at the addition of Revis, I would look at a healthy Gronk to start camp and I'd say yes, they will still be in the top three."

Gary Tanguay agreed.

"That's exactly what I thought," said Tanguay. "Obviously you have to go with Seattle, you have to go with San Fransisco. Then it's going to come down to Brady and Aaron Rodgers."


Will Rajon Rondo or Marcus Smart end up having the better career?

Merloni believes that Rondo will rebound from his injury to have a great career.

"You might not like the antics, you might not think he's the captain or the leader of the team like I do," said Merloni. "The guy's had a pretty good career. He won't finish his career with Boston, he will go somewhere else and have a very good chance of winning another championship."

Tanguay believes Rondo's best days may have been when the Big Three was in Boston.

"Here's the thing with Rondo. You've got to ask yourself, has he peaked?" said Tanguay. "Is the best part of his career gone by? We don't know that… Rondo played with other guys. Rondo was fortunate to play with the Big Three."


Who is the 2nd greatest player in Red Sox history behind Ted Williams?

"David Ortiz," said Merloni. "I'm talking about impact over 10 years, twelve years actually. He's right in the middle of three World Series championships. Just the presence of David Ortiz, you can't go away from that."

Tanguay throws another name into the discussion.

"I think Pedro Martinez needs to be in the discussion," said Tanguay. "When Petey was here he was sensational with the personality, just the showmanship and just the sizzle he had when he took the mound."


Did the Bruins have a worse offseason than the Celtics?

Lou Merloni puts the Celtics rebuilding process into perspective.

"Yes, the Celtics are trying to build assets to make moves. What did the Bruins do?" asked Merloni. "They lost Shawn Thornton which is sorta like this attitude. Jarome Iginla, the perfect fit… I wouldn't have done that either, but they lost him. Did they replace him with anyone?"