Get Off My Lawn: Media coverage of Bieber

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Get Off My Lawn: Media coverage of Bieber
January 23, 2014, 11:30 pm
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Trenni Kusnierek says the media coverage of Justin Bieber's legal snafus can get off her lawn for the time being

In her weekly Get Off My Lawn segment on Arbella Insurance Early Edition, Trenni Kusnierek took umbrage with the coverage of pop star Justin Bieber's arrest for, among other charges, allegedly driving while intoxicated.

"He leaves jail on the top of an Escalade waving adoringly to his fans," Kusnierek said. "You know why he does it? Because CNN, you keep putting him on TV. ABC News, your front page story is Justin Bieber -- Justin Bieber -- a spoiled 19-year-old brat riding on top of an Escalade is your top news story? Until you can cover news, get off my lawn."