Gasper, Tanguay: Who's Boston’s ‘softest’ athlete?

Gasper, Tanguay: Who's Boston’s ‘softest’ athlete?
August 13, 2014, 7:00 am
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Gasper and Tanguay give their take on who is Boston’s ‘softest’ athlete.

All this week, CSNNE is taking a look at Boston's Toughest.

Gary Tanguay doesn't want Arbella Early Edition to be outdone so he and Chris Gasper discussed some of Boston's softest.

J.D. Drew

"He only played when he felt 100%," said Gasper. "In 162 games you're never going to feel 100%. Never seemed to bother him. He was a Laissez-faire guy. Very soft I would say. Sweet swing though."

Terry Glenn

"Another guy, tremendous talent," said Gasper. "When everything wasn't the way he wanted it to be in terms of the contract or his health, he shut it down."

Ras-I Dowling

"He was supposed to be Brandon Browner before Brandon Browner was on this team," said Gasper. "Was really banged up in college, some people questioned why the Patriots took him because he was always banged up… He just got hurt again with the New York Jets."

Rick Pitino

"He whined about everything," said Gasper. "It was everybody else's fault except for Pitino's. He's the guy that signed Travis Knight, he's the guy that ran the Celtics into the ground… Rick Pitino, mentally soft, mentally not tough when he was here."