Zero second-chance points big issue for Celtics


Zero second-chance points big issue for Celtics

BOSTON -- 17-0.

In a game decided by five points, the Boston Celtics were outscored 17-0 in second chance points by the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night.

Thats one of our focuses -- we always focus on team box outs and limiting penetration, Dallas' Brandon Haywood told following the Mavericks' 90-85 win. Rajon Rondo did a great job of getting down the lane for the Celtics, but when he did miss shots and other guys crashed the boards, we had a guy rotating to keep that guy off the glass. Boxing out is something that we stress in practice. Its a staple of a good defensive team. Thats what we want to do.

While the Mavericks described it as a point of emphasis in their game plan, the Celtics emphasized the importance of improving upon it as the season goes on.

Effort, energy, said Kevin Garnett. When you see second-chance points, a lot of that is effort and the ball bouncing. Weve got to get better at that, along with rebounding and some other things. Weve definitely got to take care of the ball. Ive never seen us like this. But then again, Im sure if you go throughout the league, turnovers are probably up and thats due to chemistry. Again, Im just going to make this repetitive that chemistry, you just dont go to the closet and pull it out. Its something that youve got to continue to work at.

The Celtics were outrebounded, 43-35, including 12-2 on the offensive glass. Haywood led all players with 11 boards.

Most of the teams that we have played that weve lost to weve been beaten on glass, said Ray Allen. We have to keep them off offensive glass. We have to get some of our own. Thats all that second chance, that energy is the challenging part of the game that we have to improve on. I think I have to do a better job, the guards have to do a better job, when the ball bounces along, of getting that big guy off the glass we have to do a better job getting that weak side off the glass.

Coach Doc Rivers saw second chance points as one of many areas of the game that set the Celtics back. In thisloss, second chance points could have given the C's a better chance to earn a victory.

You cant win, Doc Rivers said of being outscored 17-0. And not only those points, our turnovers that led to they had 20 points off of our turnovers so thats 37 points before you start the game against the team that won the title last year. Its very difficult. And on top of that our gambles. I think we gave up nine or ten at halftime and we gave up a couple of threes and two down the stretch with gambles. So thats on me to get them to understand the trust, as far as Im concerned.

Belichick shares Pearl Harbor thoughts on 75th anniversary of the attack


Belichick shares Pearl Harbor thoughts on 75th anniversary of the attack

FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick's connection to the Navy has been well-chronicled in this space and others, and so it comes as little surprise that he gladly took the opportunity to discuss Pearl Harbor and its aftermath when given the opportunity during a press conference Wednesday, the 75th anniversary of the attack. 

"Yeah, pretty big day in our history," Belichick said. "Certainly in Naval history. But for me, the lesson on Pearl Harbor, and for us as a team and individually, I'd say, is not what happened on Dec. 7 -- although that was a lesson there -- but the response.

"What the response was from our nation, from our military, from our civilians, from our population, to battle the world on two fronts and win both of them. Think of what this country did under [President Franklin Delano] Roosevelt's leadership, as well as multiple military leaders, and then go fight in Europe and go fight in Southeast Asia and Japan, the response to what happened on Dec. 7, 1941 is pretty impressive.

"I remember my dad talking a lot about that, when it happened, when he found out, then when he went to the Navy and went to Great Lakes, and then eventually went to Europe and eventually went to Okinawa. It was a tough time for this country, but it was a great example of the Patriotism of our citizens, men, women, fighting together, pulling together and being victorious in a lot of different ways.

"It's special. Special day . . . Tough day for the Navy, though, but they responded. They bounced back. Battle of Midway, that was really a huge turning point. Had it not gone on the way it did. I don't know, it probably would've been a longer fight." 

WATCH: Celtics vs. Magic

WATCH: Celtics vs. Magic

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