Will you be rooting for Pierce and KG?

Will you be rooting for Pierce and KG?
August 26, 2013, 7:00 pm
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Paul Pierce. Gone. Kevin Garnett. Gone.

But they aren't far!

The two former Celtics are in Brooklyn, New York. Just a quick drive down Interstate 90, or an even quicker train (or plane) ride.

The Celtics aren't contenders. The Nets will be.

So, does that mean Celtics fans will root for the Nets? Well, yes and no.

Rich Levine thinks Celtics fans will pull for Pierce, KG, and the Nets no matter what - even if they're playing the lowly Celtics this season.

But A. Sherrod Blakely feels that while C's fans will definitely be cheering on the Nets, they won't do so when the Celtics are playing them.

So, which side do you agree with? Will you be a Nets fan this year more than a Celtics fan? Let us know in the comments section.