Will Rockets be favorites for Love if Parsons leaves?

Will Rockets be favorites for Love if Parsons leaves?
June 5, 2014, 11:00 am
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Is he staying or is he going?

That's the question surrounding Kevin Love and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

A report yesterday said Love wants out of Minnesota, but GM Flip Saunders was hoping that the T-Wolves could hire a good coach and convince him to stay.

Well, now it looks like Saunders is going to coach.


Well that might be good news for a team like the Celtics, but they certainly aren't the only team looking to acquire Love.

The Rockets seem to be gearing up to make a run - or a trade - for him.

The Rockets will reportedly make Chandler Parsons a restricted free agent, and the idea is that it'll free up cap space to get Love.

A. Sherrod Blakely says they are a team that will certainly be in the running for Love, and may even be in the lead.

"As Chandler Parsons hits free agency status this summer, the Houston Rockets are saying al the right things as far as wanting to get a longterm deal done with him," Blakely said. "However when you look at his impact and you look at the potential that Houston has as far as becoming a major player, he is a guy that they can move. And a guy that's clearly in their sights? Yup, you got it, Minnesota's Kevin Love.

"And for the Timberwolves, adding a player like Parsons will take a little bit of the pain away from losing a player like Kevin Love, and if you're Houston, you already have a dynamic duo in James Howard and Dwight Howard. Adding a player like Kevin Love will instantly catapult you to upper-echelon elite status, and if you're Kevin Love this is the kind of team that you want to play for because after failing to make the playoffs after six years in Minnesota you want to be on a team that is contending right away.

But all is not lost for Boston yet.

"As for the Celtics, this is certainly not what you want to hear, but listen, you got a lot of assets, a lot of draft picks, and if you're the Celtics you're hoping that will be enough to bring Kevin Love to Boston."