Why should the Celtics keep or trade Rondo?

Why should the Celtics keep or trade Rondo?
February 27, 2014, 1:30 pm
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Is the juice worth the squeeze? That's the question we have about Rajon Rondo.

We know Danny Ainge has shopped Rajon Rondo over the years. We also know that Ainge thinks very highly of Rondo - which is why a deal hasn't happened.

But Ainge has made this Rondo birthday party thing a story by not nipping it in the bud at the very start. Celtics head coach Brad Stevens appeared to be a bit annoyed by Rondo skipping out on the team's game as well.

Rondo's skills are clearly some of the best in the NBA. He's extremely athletic, and one of the best passers in the NBA. It looks like he's worked on his shot a bit, too. But Rondo is not the elite of the elite in terms of point guards, and there are some question marks regarding his character.

With all that being said, there are people out there who think the Celtics can win a championship with Rondo, and others out there who want him traded.

So, defend yourselves!

Why should the Celtics keep or trade Rajon Rondo? Be sure to watch CSNNE's Early Edition at 6:30PM as Gary Tanguay continues the discussion with Bob Ryan.