What is taking Garnett so long?

What is taking Garnett so long?
June 27, 2012, 9:21 pm
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Celtics fans want to know whether or not Kevin Garnett will be back in green next season, or if he is even going to step on the court again. On the 'Felger & Mazz' show, Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti discuss why this process is taking so long . . . and why it needs to happen soon.

As Massarotti notes, the NBA draft, which is Thursday, is the time when general managers build their teams. How, he asked, can Danny Ainge properly plan if he doesn't know if Garnett will be back? Ainge has said that KG's status will not impact the Celtics' draft decisions, to which Massarotti said: "That's a load of crap." Massarotti also said that, at age 36, Garnett should know whether he was going to play next year. He worries this situation is going in the Brett Farve direction, which we all know is an ugly road.

Is it a problem with money? "Everything I've learned or observed or experienced in 20-something years in pro sports is that its usually the money,"said Felger. Is Garnett holding off on his decision because he wants more money? Or is Garnett that scarce athlete who isn't all about his paycheck?