What the Celtics need to do to win Game 7


What the Celtics need to do to win Game 7

Saturday is a huge game for the Celtics franchise as the season, and possibly the big three era could end with a loss. What do the Celtics have to do to make sure they move on to the next round?

Sometimes there is one key stat that can make a difference in a basketball game. Paul Pierce believes turnovers may make the difference in Saturday's pivotal game seven between the Celtics and Sixers.

"I really look at our turnovers," said the Celtics' captain "if we can keep our turnovers down, rebound the ball well, I think it gives us a good chance to win."

Celtics guard Avery Bradley's season was cut short after the 21-year-old underwent season ending shoulder surgery. Doc Rivers addressed how the loss would impact the defense of the team.

"We're a great defensive team. What Avery did was he allowed us to do was be a a great defensive team and put an individual on one guy and say 'go shut him down.'"

The Celtics may have a gameplan to beat the Sixers on Saturday night. Do they have what it takes to execute their plan? That execution could determine the future of the team, as their season hangs in the balance.