Welsh: Keys to Celtics having successful season

Welsh: Keys to Celtics having successful season
October 17, 2013, 10:15 am
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The Celtics fell to 1-5 in the preseason after a 99-97 loss to the Raptors Wednesday night.

Tim Welsh joined Sports Tonight to discuss a handful of Celtics topics, including a player who is supposed to take the leap this year and be the go-to scorer on the team, Jeff Green.

Green has had a shaky preseason to start, and Welsh thinks it's due to his lack of aggression.

"He's got to play better. He's got to get himself below the three-point line," Welsh said. "I don't like that he runs from the three-point line to the three-point line and parks himself on the perimeter. He's got to mix it up and get on the baseline, get in the lane more, get to the free throw line more. When he did that last year, he was more effective, he was more aggressive. His aggression, that started with him getting to the rim, not taking jump shots."

Welsh says that Green has to "step up" and will have to guard the opposing team's best wing player.

The dissuasion then turns to the Celtics frontcourt, as the team has a number of worthy candidates vying for playing time.

"I like [Kelly] Olynyk. I like his size," Welsh said. "[Kris] Humphries is a capable rebounder, he's shown it in this league. They're going to get lot of their points from their wings, from their guard spots. So up front they've got to be a good defensive team. They've got to have some basket protection. Sullinger doesn't give them much of that. He can be a fill-in guy and rebound the ball. I like what Olynyk does, he has pure size, he's got good offensive skills, he'll learn how to play defense."