Webster shares insight into Celtics Seattle trio

Webster shares insight into Celtics Seattle trio
April 7, 2013, 10:30 pm
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BOSTON -- During his rookie year Martell Webster made a reference that has stuck with him throughout his career. He called Jason Terry his "cousin," and the factoid has followed him over the years.

In reality, Webster and Terry are not related. Not biologically, at least. They both hail from Seattle, though, which in basketball is a bond tighter than some family trees.

On Sunday Webster was in Boston as the Washington Wizards took on the Celtics. He faced off against not only one, but three of his Seattle family members. Following the game, Webster sat down with CSNNE.com to share his insight on Terry, Avery Bradley, and Terrence Williams.

On Jason Terry: "Jason is like the cousin in the family tree. He was like a big brother, mentor growing up, especially when I was still in high school. He was playing for the Atlanta Hawks and in the offseason he would always come back to Seattle. We'd work out together at St. Joe's, a Catholic K-8 school. It was always competitive. Since then we've always had a close relationship."

On Avery Bradley: "Avery's like a little bro. I watched his career and I watched him blossom all the way from seventh grade. The kid is an animal. He has this tenaciousness about him, he doesn't give up, he's resilient. Always working to get better, and he's showed that consistently every year. He was an all-around player, a heavy scorer growing up. He could fill the numbers chart. Once he got into high school is when he started locking down defensively, and so on to college. The NBA speaks for itself."

On Terrence Williams: "Terrence is like a brother to me. Me and Terrence grew up together. I knew Terrence when he couldn't dribble and he couldn't shoot -- he could just run and jump really high. He's blossomed into this all-around player. He showed it most in high school when he started becoming more of a ball handler. When he got to college, he could shoot, he was a play-maker, always been a good passer. These last couple of seasons he's really been working on that jumpshot and now I'd consider him a pretty effective shooter."