Wallace OK after taking hit to nose

Wallace OK after taking hit to nose
December 28, 2013, 5:45 pm
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BOSTON - Like the rest of us, Gerald Wallace helplessly watched his team's 19-point fourth-quarter lead almost slip away.

Wallace got hit in the nose in the first half, and it was serious enough at the time that he was ruled out by Celtics head trainer Ed Lacerte for the second half."

"I did think not having Gerald hurt a little bit," Brad Stevens said. "We didn't play him in the second half. He got dinged up in the first half and Ed told me to not play him. Hopefully he's OK. He looked fine in the locker room after, but I'll let them figure that out."

Stevens then said that Wallace was hit in the nose.

After the game, Wallace appeared in the locker room to grab his things at his locker. He declined to speak to media, grabbed a few drinks from the cooler, and made his way out of the arena.

Celtics VP of media relations Jeff Twiss said that Wallace was fine and that his nose wasn't broken.

One would assume that he'll be good to go for the C's next game on Tuesday against the Hawks.