Wakeup Call: That's 18 straight -- and counting -- for the Heat

Wakeup Call: That's 18 straight -- and counting -- for the Heat
March 11, 2013, 5:30 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Monday, March 11:


-- Matt Kenseth had himself a nice birthday in Vegas. (AP)


-- Beanballs, sliding in with high spikes, mid-inning tricycle races . . . baseball's a tough game. (NBC's Hardball Talk) 

-- Funny; I always thought being CEO was a pretty defined role. Guess not. (AP)

-- Be tough for any of the Cardinals to milk minor injuries this year, not when Mike Matheny has back surgery on Monday and returns to the dugout on Tuesday. At least that's the plan. (AP)

-- If you're looking for sympathy, Barry and Roger et al, you're not going to get any from Ken Griffey Jr. (AP)


-- Cue up the "Why do we even bother having a regular season?!?" chorus, as Liberty, with its 15-20 record, heads to the NCAAs by winning the Big South tournament. Hey, at least we're not going to have to wait until Selection Sunday to determine one of the play-in participants. (AP)

-- Don't put those hymnals down just yet, singers; Middle Tennessee -- which entered the game with a 28-4 record and a nation's best 17-game winning streak -- is upset in the Sun Belt semifinals and may not make the NCAAs. (AP)

-- But sometimes it goes according to form: Creighton, the regular-season champ, wins the Missouri Valley Conference tourney. (AP)

-- Your regular-season Big Ten champion, for the first time in two decades: Indiana. (AP)

-- It snapped Ohio State's string of Big Ten regular-season titles at three, but the second-seeded Buckeyes say they like where they are heading into the tournament. (AP)


-- Washington's Austin Seferian-Jenkins, one of the best tight ends in college football, is arrested for DUI. (AP)

-- Looks like John L. Smith has some 'splainin' to do. (AP)


-- Tiger Woods' Doral victory doesn't necessarily mean he's all the way back . . . but he's getting there. (golfchannel.com)

-- So what does Tiger's victory mean? Quite a number of things. (golfchannel.com)

-- As Woods returns to the winner's circle, Scott Brown gets there for the first time. (AP)

-- And Kevin Kisner for the second time. (AP)


-- Joe Posnanski says the Blackhawks are capturing Chicago's heart . . . (nbcsports.com)

-- . . . even though not only is their winning streak over, but they're beginning to move in the other direction. (CSN Chicago)

-- It's another "upper-body injury" for Evgeni Malkin, though the Penguins are playing pretty well without him. (AP)

-- The Ducks win their 11th straight home game, tying the franchise record. (AP)

-- This is what happens when you complain about the refs, Ovechkin. (AP)

-- Michael Ryder sends the Canadiens home happy. (AP)

-- The free-falling Panthers aren't so happy, and they're ready to back up the truck. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)


-- Will the Heat ever lose again?? (AP)

-- If the playoffs started today, the Lakers would qualify . . . and it's been a while since they could say that. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

-- One of the reasons has been Dwight Howard's improved play in the second half, if he does say so himself. (Pro Basketball Talk)

-- Problems between Derrick Rose and the Bulls? What problems? The Bulls never heard of anything so ridiculous. (Pro Basketball Talk)

-- Brandon Jennings may want out of Milwaukee, but not Monta Ellis. (Pro Basketball Talk)

-- As if the knee injury he's been playing through wasn't enough, Kyrie Irving hurts his shoulder in the Cavs' loss to the Raptors. (AP)

-- Amare Stoudemire missed the first 30 games of the season because of surgery to his left knee. Now his right knee needs an operation and he could be out for six weeks, dealing a huge blow to the Knicks as they vie for the Atlantic Division title. (AP)


-- Darrelle Revis doesn't want to be leave the Jets, according to people who know him, but the Jets don't want to keep him. Well, then. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

-- Revis and his agents, however, hold the cards, since no one's going to trade for him unless he agrees to a long-term contract. (Pro Football Talk)

-- The Ravens want Anquan Boldin to take a $2 million pay cut, for salary cap reasons, and it appears they'll release him if he doesn't. (CSN Baltimore)

-- Here's organizational loyalty for you: Joe Flacco, who just took $120.6 million of Baltimore's money, says Boldin should “stick to his guns”. (Pro Football Talk)

-- James Harrison, out of a job for the first time in God knows how long, is casting covetous eyes on the Ravens. Or, more accurately, his agents are trying to drum up the team's interest. (CSN Baltimore)

-- Turns out there was fire behind that Cullen Jenkins-and-the-Giants smoke. (AP)

-- All you Patriots fans apoplectic about the notion that the Pats would attempt to replace Wes Welker with Danny Amendola will be happy to hear that Amendola is apparently the Eagles' main free-agent target. (CSN Philly)

-- Leodis McKelvin is staying in Buffalo. (AP)

-- Ditto William Moore in Atlanta. (AP)

-- But not Quintin Mikell in St. Louis, as he'll join a crowded field of free-agent safeties. (CSN Houston)

-- Delanie Walker's aunt and uncle were killed by a drunk driver right after the Super Bowl, and now the 49ers' tight end is working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to help spread the dangers of driving under the influence. (Pro Football Talk)

-- R.I.P. George Saimes. (AP)