Update: Horford changes tune, will play in Round 1


Update: Horford changes tune, will play in Round 1

Remember all that "Al Horford isn't going to play" talk?

Yeah, well not so fast.

Less than 12 hours after telling Yahoo! Sports that he didn't think he was going to return at all this season, he tells them that not only does he think he'll play, but he'll play about 15 minutes a game in the first round.

Horford met with team doctors who told him not to be fearful of "pectoral weakness", which Horford said was the main reason behind his not playing going forward. He'll play limited minutes on Thursday to prepare for the postseason.

Take Horford's news with a grain of salt though. As we found out today, he's not high on his own health, and there's a chance a conversation with his coach, Larry Drew, went like this:

Drew: Al, what the hell are you doing telling everybody you're not going to play?Horford: Coach, uhh.Drew: Even if you aren't playing, don't say anything. Now go tell them you're playing.Horford: Yes, Coach.

And more minutes for Horford means less for another player like Josh Smith or Zaza Pachulia. Tack on the fact Horford has no on-court chemistry with the team this season, and it might not be such a bad thing.