Trade rumors, Rondo's return, and first team to win title

Trade rumors, Rondo's return, and first team to win title
December 20, 2013, 12:45 pm
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Kyle Draper, A. Sherrod Blakely, and Rich Levine are back with another week of Celtics Talk TV.

With trade rumors continuing to swirl, they get right down to business: Can Ainge make a deal that can help the Celtics now and for the future?

"It would probably take more than one trade to do that," Rich said. "Yeah, I think you can . . . I think for sure he is relentlessly going to be on the phone making calls, and the offers are going to come in because they do have a  few assets and they're in an interesting place. So yeah, I think you can."

Sherrod says the opportunity is there for the Celtics right now because of weak Eastern Conference. The Celtics don't have to do as much as you'd think to be a team near the top of the conference.

And if you think the C's are bad enough to finish with a bottom-of-the-barrel record, think again. Rich said that Brad Stevens is just too good of a coach and he's making the Celtics better - especially defensively.

The guys also get into Rajon Rondo's impending return (perhaps in January) and how it will affect the team, specifically Avery Bradley and Jordan Crawford.

"I think Avery Bradley - I don't think it's going to impact him other than he's going to get fewer shots," Sherrod said. "We are starting to see teams adjusting to him anyways . . . as far as Jordan Crawford, I had a chance to talk to him about that, and he said all the right things - 'I'm going to embrace this role' - but remember what happened in Washington when John Wall went out and John Wall came back. Jordan wasn't too happy about that. But the one thing he did say to me, and this does make sense, there's a difference between John Wall and Rajon Rondo. And we're not talking just age. Rajon is a four-time all-star, [Crawford] understands his role, but the thing that Jordan has done is he's proven that he can play the point well enough to where Brad Stevens has confidence and faith in him to throw him out there even if it's for 15 minutes as opposed to 30 which he's been playing."

The guys then discuss which teams are going to win a championship first: The Celtics, the Clippers, or the Nets.

Both Rich and Sherrod pick the same team, but that has Kyle shaking his head.

And here are the guys' hashtags in "Hash It Out":

Sherrod - #Showtime

Rich - #JordanRules

Kyle - #SullyGotBack

Check out the video to see what each one means and much more.