As trade deadline days go, this one was a bust

As trade deadline days go, this one was a bust
February 22, 2013, 8:00 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Friday, February 22:



  • Mike Schmidt hops off the moral high horse that so many of his fellow Hall of Famers proudly ride, and says that -- absent any concrete proof that they actually used PEDs -- he'd welcome Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens to Cooperstown. (CSN Philly)
  • And the head of the Major League Baseball Players Association says members of the media should take a lesson from Schmidt. (AP)
  • Curtis Granderson in left field? Brett Gardner in center? Joe Girardi's thinking about it. (AP)
  • Yes, that was Michael Phelps taking BP with the Orioles yesterday. (CSN Baltimore)
  • If John Farrell was still the manager of the Blue Jays, R.A. Dickey wouldn't have a personal catcher. But John Gibbons is, so he will. (AP)
  • Rest easy Marlins Nation, if there is such a thing: Giancarlo Stanton's feeling better. (AP)
  • New season, new manager, new Chris Perez . . . or so he vows. (AP)
  • If the A's really want to move to San Jose, Bud Selig apparently has shown them how. (CSN Bay Area)
  • Josh Booty?? (AP)



  • First snow, and now this; guess you can say there've been better Match Play Championships. (AP)




  • The Combine in March? Free agency in April? The draft in May? A standard starting day for training camps? The NFL is considering all those things . . . and some believe it's a set up for the thing it really wants: An 18-game schedule and the Super Bowl in late February. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)
  • Something else it wants, and soon: HGH testing. (AP)
  • First he brought back Michael Vick. Then he imported one of his old Oregon quarterbacks, Dennis Dixon. Now he's singing the praises of Nick Foles. Can you say mixed messages, Chip Kelly? (CSN Philly)
  • No mixes messages here: The Vikings say they're not trading Percy Harvin. (AP)
  • Who are the Chiefs taking with the No. 1 pick the draft? Depends on what they do in free agency. (AP)
  • John Fox says that when it comes to Peyton Manning, you ain't seen nothin' yet. (AP)
  • Tim Tebow decides not to speak at a Dallas mega church whose pastor preaches that gay sex is sinful, Mormonism is a cult, and Islam promotes violence and pedophilia. (AP)
  • ESPN says it discussed Ray Lewis' past -- all of it -- before deciding to bring him on board as an analyst. (CSN Baltimore)
  • Like Lewis, Matt Birk has decided to go out on top. (Pro Football Talk)