Time running out on C's temporary contracts

Time running out on C's temporary contracts
March 8, 2013, 8:00 pm
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BOSTON — D.J. White was on his way to pre-game chapel service when he was asked about his 10-day contract expiring soon.

"When is it expiring?" he asked. "I haven't thought about it, truthfully."

Fellow 10-day teammate Shavlik Randolph expressed similar sentiments about his contract which expires on Monday - a day after White's deal is up.

"In a situation like this, you take it one day at a time," Randolph told CSNNE.com. "I've tried to pick up as much as I can and stay ready, if they need me."

Although both players indicated they have not been given any signs one way or another about their status, the C's are expected to sign both players to an additional 10-day contract.

One of the reasons Boston signed both initially to 10-day deals, was to have added frontcourt depth while keeping an eye on players who might be waived.

Since no players of great interest to the C's emerged, the likelihood that both stick beyond their 10-day deals is relatively high.

Although neither has played much - White saw four minutes against Indiana while Randolph has yet to play in a game - Celtics head coach Doc Rivers does like having both on the team.

"They haven't played a lot  and we haven't had a lot of practice," Rivers said. "They both belong. They work hard at it, they're great in the locker room. But other than that, I haven't really given it a lot of thought."

Both players seem to understand the role that they have with the C's, and that is to be ready to play when called upon but understand the opportunities to play will be few.

"It's part of the business," White told CSNNE.com. "A lot of guys don't understand ... there's what, 450 guys in the league? It's so many guys playing other places who would love to be in the NBA. I was one of them."

Although White spent time with Oklahoma City and Charlotte, both he and Randolph arrived to the C's from the Chinese Basketball Association - as did Terrence Williams who was initially signed to a 10-day contract but has since be signed to a multi-year deal with the Celtics.

White said his time in the CBA has changed the way he approaches not just his time with the Celtics, but the NBA as a whole.

"Being in the NBA, it's a privilege that I know for me, I'll never take for granted," White said. "It's the best league in the world. Any opportunity you get to play with the best, learn from the best which I'm doing with guys like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and Jason Terry, you take it."

Randolph echoed similar sentiments.

"My focus has been to provide as much support and help that they need," he said. "I just want to be the best teammate I can be. I know what my role is going to be. I know I'm not going to play much and I'm happy with that; that's what being a great teammate is about. But I know I have to stay ready if KG or Chris (Wilcox) gets in foul trouble.

Randolph added, "I'm completely happy with whatever role I'm given, and I knew that going in."