Thomsen: Dream scenario for Ainge is staying put

Thomsen: Dream scenario for Ainge is staying put
February 19, 2013, 4:11 am
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The trade deadline is fast approaching, and the Celtics are always at least involved in talks.

Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen joined Lou Merloni to talk about what Danny Ainge's "dream scenario" would be - and the answer may surprise you.

No, it's not Rajon Rondo for Dwight Howard. Or Kevin Garnett to the Clippers. Or Fab Melo for Kyrie Irving (OK, that's actually a dream). Thomsen's idea of Ainge's dream scenario is . . . do nothing.

"I actually think that the dream scenario is that they do nothing. Because this is a dream come true what's happened the last three weeks," Thomsen said. "Because they are playing so well without Rajon Rondo. The value of the players that they've already invested in is growing. And by the end of the year if they keep playing like this, these guys are going to be worth so much more individually than they were at the start of the year or even the first couple of months when they really looked like they were underperforming. He can go into this summer and have a lot more to trade this summer or next year than he ever thought he would have."

Will Ainge get the itch? Or will he hold out for the rest of the season and reevaluate things?

We'll fine out soon enough.