Thibodeau: 'Really no defense' for Rondo

Thibodeau: 'Really no defense' for Rondo
May 17, 2012, 3:24 pm
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Few people would know how to defend the Celtics better than Tom Thibodeau. The former C's assistant and current coach of the Bulls may probably knows the strengths and weaknesses of the Big Four better than anyone other than Doc Rivers.

That said, Celtics fans will be encouraged to hear that Thibodeau believes one member of the Big Four to be impossible to guard.

"There's really no defense for Rondo," Thibodeau told the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday. "He's an offense unto himself. You can defend him perfectly, you can defend their team perfectly, and he'll still find a way to create a good shot for somebody. He's a great decision maker, he has great vision, he's very smart, he knows how to read defenses, he knows what you're trying to take away, he knows where the holes are, and he was in attack mode right from the start in Game 3 against the Sixers."

Rondo finished the game with 23 points, 14 assists and 6 rebounds as the C's smacked the Sixers, 107-91.

Thibodeau praised the elder statesmen of the Big Four, too.

"When Pierce is aggressive, they're impossible," he said. "They've been in so many wars . . . And you can't overlook Ray Allen. Even though he only had a bucket, the floor's gonna be spread when he's out on the floor. That's the core of their championship team. And of course Doc. That team is very very dangerous."