Terry stays positive, looks towards next season

Terry stays positive, looks towards next season
May 4, 2013, 12:00 am
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BOSTON —- Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett aren't the only 30-something-year-old vets on the Celtics.

While those two have uncertain futures with the Celtics, Jason Terry's looks to be a little more certain.

Terry signed a three-year deal with Boston before this season, tattooed the team's logo holding the Larry O'Brien trophy to his arm, and started hoisting shots left and right.

Not as many of them went in as anybody had hoped. He had trouble early on in the season finding a shot with Rajon Rondo on the court. When Rondo went down, he had the ball more and saw an increase in production, but it still wasn't exactly up to expectations.

Terry averaged 10.1 points per game for Boston in the regular season, but he saved his best basketball for the last four games of the playoffs. Terry scored 14, 18, 17, and 14 points, respectively, over the final four games - two of which were wins. He provided the offensive spark and three-point threat that Boston was looking for, going 12-for-23 from three-point range in those last four games.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough in the end, but Terry has no plans to jump ship.

"I'm proud to wear this uniform," Terry said after the game. "I know we fought though a lot of adversity this season. We never made excuses. We always came to work and played with what we had. Sometimes the other team is just better than you. And the [Knicks] were better than us today."

Terry acknowledged that the season as a whole was a hard one from a personnel standpoint. The Celtics had major injuries to Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger, a lack of size down low, and inconsistent shooters off the bench, including Terry.

"We were always piecing it together and just trying to make it work," Terry said. "When you do that, you never find a rhythm. With that said, no one is going to feel sorry for us. We have to put the wheels back on and see what happens then."

While Terry hopes the core of the team returns, he's more focused on readying himself for his second season with the Celtics.

"I want to make sure I'm right, make sure my body is rested enough through this summer, and we'll see what happens."