Terry: 'Only buried if casket is closed'

Terry: 'Only buried if casket is closed'
May 2, 2013, 12:45 am
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The Knicks were eager to "bury" the Celtics on Wednesday night in New York City. The entire Knicks team wore black to signify a funeral for the Celtics.

But the C's weren't having any part of it. They beat the Knicks to force a Game 6 on Friday, and you can bet there won't be any funeral talk before it this time.

"You're only buried if the casket is closed, so to speak," Jason Terry said. "But us getting that win, opened the door just a little bit. Winning tonight opens it a little bit more. If we can even this thing up, then it's anybody's series. So, we just have to come out every possession, every quarter, and just try to win. And that's been our focus. Since we went down 3-0, we talk about can we win every quieter. If you win every quarter, you win the game. And that's been our focus."

Check out the video to see what Paul Pierce had to say.