Strong bond between Celtics' Green, Bradley, Lee

Strong bond between Celtics' Green, Bradley, Lee
April 11, 2013, 12:00 pm
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BOSTON -- Jeff Green was the first to stare, then Avery Bradley interrupted. Courtney Lee finished off by walking in front of the camera shot holding a towel over his face. In that moment, the trio did the unthinkable -- they videobombed Kevin Garnett.

If there was a group to pull it off during Sunday's postgame interview, it would be those three. They have been unbreakably close this season, forming a bond in which they consider one another like family on and -- more significantly -- off the court.

"We're kind of close in age and not only that, we have the same interests. They're just good guys," said Bradley. "Not to say I don't get along with everyone on the team, because we all hang out, but these two are like my brothers."

Bradley and Green became close friends last season on the Celtics. When Lee joined the team during the summer, they instantly clicked with him. They shared similar tastes in music and mutual character traits -- "cool," "goofy," "laid-back," they listed. (Leandro Barbosa, who signed in October, was also part of the crew until suffering a season-ending ACL injury and being traded in February.)

As this season got underway, they began spending more time together away from the game. The friends worked out and lifted weights on the same schedule. Dinners and trips to the movies became part of their routines on the road. Some nights they'd do both.

"I'm good friends with everybody on the team, I consider myself neutral," said Lee. "Those dudes have been here since September and those are the dudes I've been hanging with the most, and (Rajon) Rondo when he was here. It's always good, especially on the road and you want to do something, you have someone to hang out with. Being away from your family, you treat your teammates like family, so we're always together."

With their friendship comes a built-in support system. Each of them has struggled at points throughout the season and the other two have been there during the ups and downs.

"Everybody gets along, that's the best thing about being on this team. But having these guys, when you're having tough times, I know that I always can go to those two," said Bradley. "They're always there. Like when I had my little shooting slump, every single game Jeff and Courtney were keeping me up. Everybody else was, but especially those two. I might see a text or something from them, so it means a lot having those two here."

They also know one another's intentions are genuine. Being professional athletes, they have met people only interested in their status, masquerading greed with the facade of friendship. They don't worry about that with one another.  

"It’s cool because in our position, you never know what people want and why they want to be your friend," said Green. "But when you’ve got guys who work hard, that share the same interest, it’s easy to come together and be friends. We expect the best out of each other, so we push each other."

Bradley, Green, and Lee see their friendship going far beyond their time with the Celtics. They have formed a bond that will last past their careers in the NBA.

"They're just good people," said Bradley. "I definitely think -- and I'm pretty sure they'd say the same thing -- when we all get married one day we will probably invite each other for sure. (Pauses, laughs) They'd be fighting over (best man)."