Is Stevens the long term answer in Boston?

Is Stevens the long term answer in Boston?
July 4, 2013, 12:30 am
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The Boston Celtics made a gutsy move turning to 36-year-old Brad Stevens as their new coach.

Former Celtic Walter McCarty thinks the team made a big statement by giving the young coach a 6-year contract.

"I think (the six year deal) puts it out there that this is our guy," said Walter McCarty, "Six years, and paying the money that they are paying him. This is the guy. It's a commitment"

Ian Thomson likes the move, but he knows it won't be easy for Stevens to gain the respect of NBA players.

"Coaching in the NBA is like being a lion tamer." said Ian Thomsen, "You go into the cage and there's these lions in there. All you've got is a stool and a whip and you got to convince these guys that you have the power, not them."

Is Brad Stevens the long term answer for the rebuilding Celtics? Or is he being thrown to the lions?