Stevens: I didn't think we played hard enough

Stevens: I didn't think we played hard enough
January 8, 2014, 12:45 am
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Nothing from Tuesday's night's 129-98 loss to the Nuggets will make the Celtics season-ending highlight reel.

It was ugly. Really ugly. The team was outplayed for the majority of the game, with Denver really blowing it open in the 2nd quarter.

Nuggets guards had their way in this one, with Ty Lawson finishing with 19 points and 13 assists, and Randy Foye with 23 points and five assists.

Contrary, celtics guards Avery Bradley and Jordan Crawford had rough nights - as did the rest of the team. Avery Bradley finished with a minus-40 - and no, that's not a typo. The Celtics were outscored by 40 points with him on the court.

Brad Stevens knows that this team performance isn't NBA-caliber.

"Tonight's just not good enough, it's just not good enough," Stevens said. "Tonight was disappointing. It's two in a row that I've been really disappointed by."

He went on about the lack of effort.

"Listen I didn't think we played hard enough," Stevens said. "There's no question about it. And again it goes back to the presence of the ball. I don't want to take away from others. The high pick is a hard thing to guard in this league when you're playing the best guards. And Ty Lawson is one of the best guards. Reggie Jackson the other night played like one of the best guards. You go down the list, we play a lot of good point guards. The guy we're playing tomorrow night, Collison killed us the last time we played him in the high pick late in the game. So we're going to have to get better at it because we really have defended it well at times but we're going through a stretch right now where we're not defending it well."

It wasn't all doom and gloom though. New Celtics guard Jerryd Bayless made his debut for the C's, and while he didn't exactly light it up − 3-11 from the field - Stevens liked what he saw.

"I thought he tried to do everything right," Stevens said. "I thought he tried to make the extra pass. I thought he probably tried to over-pass. He clearly was trying to fit in and be a good teammate. Probably not as aggressively looking for his shot as he normally does or should, but he tried to defend. I thought he was pretty physical. I thought he helped us. He did nothing but increase his stock in my eyes."