Stevens on Bradley/Rondo duo, Olynyk's emergence

Stevens on Bradley/Rondo duo, Olynyk's emergence
March 17, 2014, 6:30 pm
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Avery Bradley has returned to the court for the Boston Celtics, and will get some much needed burn with fellow guard Rajon Rondo.

Those two have had a hard time staying healthy at the same time, so when Celtics coach Brad Stevens is asked what he's seen from the duo, he knows how to answer.

"Not enough. There hasn't been a lot of time together," Stevens said. "Obviously what you kind of can predict, is that you have a guy playing off the ball who can really score off screens and also off catch and shoot, some drives. And you have a guy who plays with the ball that can set Avery up in Rondo. I think they compliment each other on offense, I think they compliment each other defensively because you have a guy who really gets into the ball and another guy who can play on and off the ball."

Celtics rookie Kelly Olynyk looks like a different player from the beginning of the season. According to Stevens, that's simply due to the fact he's getting more familiar with the NBA game.

"You get more experience, you get better," Stevens said. "I think that's just the way it goes. That's the unfortunate part, these guys come out of the draft and the draft is such an overhyped thing. No matter who's in the draft, it's overhyped - that's the one certainty. The expectations are for these guys to just pick up where they left off in college or overseas or wherever the case may be. That's not the case."