Sources: Celtics-Clippers need to revamp deal

Sources: Celtics-Clippers need to revamp deal
June 20, 2013, 5:00 pm
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MIAMI — The proposed trade between the Celtics and the Clippers will in all likelihood have to be expanded to include more players, picks or a combination of the two in order to get league approval, sources told

NBA Commissioner David Stern, on the eve of Game 7 of The Finals, spoke with several media outlets and indicated that the deal between the two teams as it has been constructed would be a violation of the league's Collective Bargaining Agreement and thus would not get league approval.

And the idea of breaking up the deal into two separate ones?

Yeah, Stern has thought of that, and that would get shot down just as if it were one big deal.

"If you think those, at this point -- having been all over the media for the last week -- are separate transactions . . . I have a bridge that I would very much enjoy selling to you," Stern said on ESPN Radio New York.

Stern added that both teams have been made aware of the league's concerns over their proposed trades.

Rivers has three years and $21 million due to him, but coaches' salaries are not subject to the CBA's salary cap rules. Because of that, it can't be included as part of a trade package. And while the C's can get compensation for allowing Rivers out of the remaining years of his contract, the league frowns upon what it perceives as "side deals."

From the league's perspective, a Kevin Garnett-for-DeAndre Jordan trade and Rivers being allowed out of his contract can not be viewed as two separate transactions.

While neither side is ready to walk away from trade talks, the longer this goes on the less likely a deal will be struck.

The Clippers have made it clear that they don't want to take on the contracts of Jason Terry or Courtney Lee, two players that the C's have made available to them.

Boston has a handful of players that they could include in a deal, among them Paul Pierce, whose contract becomes fully guaranteed if he is not bought out for $5 million by June 30.

The Celtics have been exploring trade possibilities involving Pierce, but a league source tells that the C's have been reluctant to part with any of their other higher-salaried players -- for now at least -- like Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green and to a lesser extent, Brandon Bass.

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