Should Pierce and KG play final two games?

Should Pierce and KG play final two games?
April 13, 2013, 11:30 pm
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Gary Tanguay and Donny Marshall discuss the pros and cons of playing Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in the final two regular season games versus letting them sit and rest.

These aren't two spring chickens we're talking about. Both Pierce and KG have played a lot of minutes over the course of their careers and there's something to be said for keeping them as fresh as possible. But both Pierce and KG have missed time recently and it wouldn't hurt the team to get all of the big name players on the floor at the same time to get re-acclimated to one another.

The Celtics have locked up the 7-seed for the NBA playoffs, so with a handful of meaningless games remaining, what would the Celtics get from each of the players?

"Kevin Garnett has to give 110%, I don't care if there are sixth graders out there and this is his basketball camp," said Donny Marshall.

What about Pierce?

"Pierce on the other hand, if he's not playing all out, he's kind of playing around and I don't like him in that role. I like him to have some importance."

For more on the debate, check out the video above.