Shirts tell Heat fans they are 'the home court advantage'

Shirts tell Heat fans they are 'the home court advantage'
June 5, 2012, 11:53 pm
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A game after the Miami Heat gave every fan in attendee a pretty sweet "WADE" Jumpman T-shirt, they were at it again in Game 5.

Color me unimpressed this time around.

Game 5 attendees will get shirts that read "I AM THE HOME COURT ADVANTAGE!" with the words "2012 WHITE HOT HEAT PLAYOFFS" in smaller font.

Did Heat fans really need the reminder that they make up the advantage? Are there not enough Heat jersey-wearing fans in attendance? Or is it a ploy to hide all the empty seats in the first quarter?

The Heat have been pretty stellar at home in the regular season and postseason, but something tells me it has more to do with their players (...and referees) than it does the Heat faithful.

But Game 5 isn't the only flawed Heat shirt giveaway. In Game 1, each chair was covered by a shirt with a specific letter on it -- "H", "E", "A", "T". Now, to avoid any confusion, it was announced over the loudspeaker before the game that the shirts were designed to spell "HEAT". You know, just in case nobody got it.

But what if "H" wanted to switch places with "T", or "E" with "A". Did they have to constantly switch shirts? Were they spelling "HATE"? Or "TEA"? Who are the "THE"?

My head hurts. Let's just get this game underway . . .