Scalabrine: KG's game missing Rondo

Scalabrine: KG's game missing Rondo
April 24, 2013, 1:15 am
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Kevin Garnett didn't look quite right tonight.

For one, he was plagues by foul trouble all night long, and never looked to really get into the flow of the game.

He also looked to be grabbing his side in the second half of the game.

Brian Scalabrine wasn't sure whether KG was injured or not, but he did know one reason KG might look a little out of sorts.

"Yeah what I see is Rajon Rondo is not on this team anymore," Scalabrine said. "Rajon Rondo can get KG a wide open look when he has the extra time. in the NBA a foot makes a difference, an inch makes a difference whether you make the shot or miss the shot. KG is taking more contested shots now than he did before. Rondo always had that ability to get Kevin Garnett his rhythm, and now he doesn't, so Kevin has to fabricate his own rhythm. That's not the way that you want to have Kevin Garnett to play. you want him to have a nice balance of deep post ups, post ups off the block, and also some pick and pop jumpers."