Scalabrine had own song, big poster in Italy


Scalabrine had own song, big poster in Italy

When E'Twaun Moore returned from playing basketball with Brian Scalabrine in Italy, the Celtics rookie brought with him perhaps one of the greatest songs you can't find on iTunes.

The unofficial Italian Scal anthem.

This isn't the standard "Scal-a-bri-ne" chant heard in the NBA, either. The ditty was a hit at all the Benetton Treviso home games.

"Scal is the White Mamba," he explained to on Media Day. "We had a big sign, a poster of him with the headband with the curly hair that said, White Mamba. And he had his own song."

Moore smirked, and without being prompted belted out, "Ohhhhhh Scalabreeene."

An overnight sensation.

"The fans would be singing it and hed be waving his hands like a conductor," Moore continued. "Theyd be like, Ohhhhhh Scalabreeene (trails off off laughing). He had his own song and his own poster in the gym during game time. Huge."