Scal on Scal

Scal on Scal
August 14, 2012, 8:58 pm
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If you havent read Sam Smiths story on Brian Scalabrine, go do that now.

First of all, because Smith does an amazing job of putting the whole thing together. Second of all, because Scalabrine has a few really interesting things to say.

Ive always wondered what Scal really thought about the insanity surrounding his time with the Celtics. Even though he rose to levels of ridiculous cult fame here in Boston, did the lack of respect ever get to him?

Deep down, did it hurt his feelings that so many people laughed at and mocked his NBA existence?

Here's what he had to say about that:The way I look at it is if thats the case (people are mocking me), thenand no disrespectyoud have to be an idiot. That I won some contest to be in the NBA? Or that I dont have to fight every day? That Im not the first guy on the floor and the first in the weight room and the last to leave? That I havent been waking up 5:30 my whole life to train? Id have to think youd are an idiot to think Im a joke. They might, which would be disappointing. Maybe it is that. But I know why Im here.

That's pretty cool. And in retrospect make a lot of sense. After all, if that kind of thing really bothered him, why would Scal have ever come back during last year's playoffs?

And really, why should it bother him?

He's had an 11-year NBA career. Do you know how difficult that is? He's earned more than 20M! He's made it farther and survived longer than so many guys with so much more talent. And as a result, he has a ring. He had TV offers waiting in the wings. He'll never have to pay for another drink or meal in Boston for the rest of his life.

Makes it easier to get over the fact that a couple strangers think you suck at basketball.

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