Ryan: 'Celtics vulnerability was revealed' vs. Thunder

Ryan: 'Celtics vulnerability was revealed' vs. Thunder
March 10, 2013, 9:15 pm
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The Celtics have been on a roll over the last month or so, but they hit a brick wall on Sunday in Oklahoma City.

And speaking of bricks, Boston was throwing plenty of them up in that game, scoring just 79 points in the loss. Kevin Garnett couldn't get anything to go, and unfortunately for Boston nobody was able to step up in his place.

Bob Ryan from the Boston Globe isn't surprised by the loss to the Thunder, a team clearly better than Boston. He knows the C's have been playing better, but he's not buying into them enough to call them title contenders.

"Their vulnerability was revealed today in terms of depth, OK?" Ryan said on Sports Sunday with Mike Felger. "If KG isn't hitting - and he wasn't hitting after he hit his first two and I think he missed nine of his next 10 until he got a tip-in - and if the bench doesn't produce the way it's producing lately, where are they going to go for points? They are who they are, and it's a nice little story lately, and they've played better without Rondo, but the fact is there is a limit, and the limit is they can win a playoff series."

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