'Russell in Bronze': The man behind the statue

'Russell in Bronze': The man behind the statue
November 8, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Written by Andy Levine, writer/producer of 'Russell in Bronze'.

Bill Russell doesn’t hear so well these days.

That’s fine.

As the city of Boston unveiled a statue dedicated to him on November 1st, the accomplishments of his amazing life will echo through City Hall Plaza forever.

When President Barack Obama, in February of 2011, awarded Russell with the Medal of Freedom, the highest honor a civilian can receive, his simple mention that he hoped one day there would be a statue of Russell in Boston set a course of events that will have a positive effect on not only a city but many people along the way.

For over two years, I have been collecting, producing, and writing ‘Russell in Bronze’, a 30-minute look at not only the process of constructing the statue, but also a reminder of the brilliance and wisdom of William Felton Russell.

To tell a story like this is an honor and in some ways very intimidating.

It has been amazing collecting over two dozen interviews of hall of famers, media personalities, and other basketball dignitaries on the 11-time NBA champion Russell. His story is a complex web of triumph, innovation, and resolve. There were plenty of areas to focus on in a life that is uniquely American and most certainly one of ultimate success on many levels.

As much as I was honored to be the storyteller for this show, I mainly just wanted to do justice to the life of a legendary Celtic for whom the whole of New England should be thankful for all he helped bring to our city.

Check out these clips from "Russell in Bronze":

*How Russell changed the way basketball was played.

*Russell stresses importance of mentoring.

*Behind the scenes of the making of the Russell statue.

*How craftsmanship shaped the way Russell played basketball.

*How Russell overcame discrimination in Boston.

*How the friendship between Red Auerbach & Bill Russell shaped the Celtics.

*The legacy of Russell.

*Russell statue unveiling.

*How Russell shaped the Celtics' teamwork mentality.

*Russell's legendary matchups against Wilt Chamberlain.