Rondos personal checklist of improvements


Rondos personal checklist of improvements

WALTHAM -- With every year that passes, Rajon Rondo continues to improve facets of his game that bolster his rank among point guards -- and all players -- in the NBA. This season, the 26-year-old has a checklist of areas he would like to work on over the next months.

I want to take care of my turnovers, he said after the Boston Celtics first practice of the season on Saturday. I want to get more looks at the basket, I want to be more aggressive to the rim. I want to get to the line, obviously, maybe seven, eight times a game, realistically.

What does Rondo have to do to surpass last seasons performance in those categories? Take a look at how the Celtics floor leader fared and how he compared to others in the league.

Turnovers per Game

Rondos goal: Limit turnovers

2011-12 regular season: 3.6 TPG, 5th among all players

1. Deron Williams (4.0)
2. John Wall (3.9)
3. Kevin Durant (3.8)
4. Steve Nash (3.7)
5. Rajon Rondo (3.6)

2011-12 postseason: 3.8 TPG, 3rd among all players

1. Chris Paul (3.9)
2. Carlos Boozer (3.8)
3. Rajon Rondo (3.8)
4. LeBron James (3.5)
5. Baron Davis (3.3)

Free Throw Attempts per Game

Rondos goal: Attempt seven or eight free throws per game

2011-12 regular season: 3.4 FTA, 64th among all players, 26th among all guards

Top 5 Guards in FTAsRegular Season Game
1. Kobe Bryant (7.8)
2. Russell Westbrook (6.3)
3. Derrick Rose (6.1)
4. John Wall (6.1)
5. Dwyane Wade (6.1)

2011-12 postseason: 2.9 FTA, 49th among all players, 20th among all guards

Top 5 Guards in FTAsPostseason Game
1. Kobe Bryant (7.9)
2. Dwyane Wade (7.2)
3. James Harden (6.3)
4. Tony Parker (6.3)
5. Russell Westbrook (5.6)

A Pierce-Doc-Garnett reunion with Clippers - if only for a day


A Pierce-Doc-Garnett reunion with Clippers - if only for a day

Less than a week after announcing his retirement on Instagram, Kevin Garnett was back in the gym with old friends Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers.

Cue the comeback rumors? "Anything is possible!"

The tweet from the Clippers called Garnett a “special guest” at the team’s practice on Thursday. 

Rivers, the current Clippers and ex-Celtics coach, told ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan last week he was willing to bring Garnett, who has a home in Malibu, to Los Angeles for one last season but KG, 40, chose to retire. So, apparently, the reunion Thursday with Doc, Pierce and Garnett was only temporary.

The Akron Beacon Journal reported that Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue, a former Celtics assistant under Rivers, wants Garnett to join his staff. 



Gerald Green's injury may give others a shot a Celtics camp


Gerald Green's injury may give others a shot a Celtics camp

WALTHAM, Mass. – Gerald Green’s hip flexor injury isn’t anything he or the Celtics are overly concerned about.

They know Green as well as any player on this roster, so him missing a couple days will have no effect on his status in their eyes.

But in shutting him down for a couple days, his absence affords a number of players an opportunity to stand up in what is an absolutely pivotal, potentially career-altering season.

James Young is in his third training camp with the Celtics and no one has a real feel for where he fits into the pantheon of NBA players.

He hasn’t played enough to call him a bust, but hasn’t done enough to feel as though he has a bright future in this league either.

And then there’s R.J. Hunter, who came into the NBA with the reputation of being a spot-on shooter.

As a rookie last season, the 6-foot-6 shooting guard struggled knocking down shots when he got playing which for most of the season, was limited.

So, what does that have to do with Green’s injury?

His absence means those two players will get more reps on the floor, providing each with potentially more chances to impress the coaching staff.

It means Young will get a few more shots at showing the added strength, weight and improved skills will enhance his chances to not just make the 15-man roster but also compete for potential minutes.

As for Hunter, he has to make shots.

It’s that simple.

While he showed potential as a rookie to do a number of things on the floor, the easiest way for him to solidify a spot on the roster is to do what he does best which is make baskets.

At the end of the day, one of these guys will not be in a Celtics uniform this season. Between now and then, every opportunity they get to impress the coaches has to be taken advantage of which is exactly what they each will get courtesy of Green’s short-term injury.