On Rondo's assist title


On Rondo's assist title

Breaking news from the Twitter account of our own A. Sherrod Blakely:

CelticsTalk: Celtics Rajon Rondo has all but clinched the NBA assist title. Steve Nash will need 76 in the next 2 games. nothappening A. Sherrod Blakely (@SherrodbCSN) April 24, 2012
Pretty cool. As I noted in a retweet, Rondo will become the first Celtic assist king since Bob Cousy in 1960 the last of Cooz's eight straight crowns. But unfortunately, there's one aspect of Rondo's assist title that won't match what Cooz did back in '60.

That is, because Rondo missed so many games, he won't lead the NBA in total assists. Instead, for the third straight season and the sixth time in the last eight seasons, that title will belong to Steve Nash (who leads Rondo by 40 assists at posting).

But on the other hand, there's something about Rondo's 2012 season that Bob Cousy himself never achieved.

Cousy never averaged more than 10 assists in a season.

Now obviously times have changed, and the rules on what constitutes an assist are looser than Lindsay Lohan, Still, an impressive achievement for Rondo.

His first career assist title.

The first Celtics assists title in 52 years.

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Celtics' team plane receives bomb threat


Celtics' team plane receives bomb threat

BOSTON -- There was a bomb threat to the Boston Celtics’ team plane to Oklahoma City on Saturday afternoon, but no one was injured.

The incident will be investigated by NBA security which will work in conjunction with the FBI on this matter which was one of several hoaxes called into airports across the country on Saturday.

News of the bomb threat was first known when Celtics forward Jae Crowder posted an Instagram photo showing players departing the plane with the caption, “BOMB THREAT ON US”.

Celtics officials declined to comment on the matter and instead referred all bomb threat-related questions to the league office.

Messages to the league office were not immediately returned.