Rondo takes shots before game against Pistons

Rondo takes shots before game against Pistons
April 3, 2013, 7:00 pm
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BOSTON -- Rajon Rondo sat in the Boston Celtics locker room wearing warmup clothes for the first time since preparing to play the Miami Heat on January 27.

That day he learned his season was over with a torn ACL. On Wednesday, he was preparing to get back out on the court.

With a heavy brace on his right knee, Rondo was coy when asked about his recovery.

"I'm able to walk," he said.

Upon being asked what he is able to do on the basketball court, he replied, "I'm able to walk."

Rondo is able to do more than just walk, though. He took shots on the parquet before the Celtics game against the Detroit Pistons dressed in a long-sleeve shirt, shorts, and a pair of Nike low tops.

The point guard first took one-handed shots with his right hand, jumping just slightly but never putting pressure on his right foot upon landing. He then took two-handed shots without elevating.

With eyes constantly watching Rondo during his rehab, he brushed off his appearance at the TD Garden.

"There are eight guys in here that are playing basketball tonight," he said. "I'm not playing basketball."

The attention will still be on him until he is.