Rondo to Knicks? Not for that package . . .

Rondo to Knicks? Not for that package . . .
November 17, 2013, 8:30 pm
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Things are looking pretty desperate for the Knicks these days.

It's gotten so bad, in fact, that  "KnicksFan1" of a Knicks blog message board is now in charge of all trade proposals.

Kidding, but the latest rumor sure makes it seem that way.

The Knicks are interested in Rajon Rondo - that isn't a real shocker.

But here's the problem for the Knicks: They don't have much of anything to offer in return. Also, they're the Knicks - and a trade offer would have to blow Danny Ainge out of the water in order for him to ship Rondo to another team in the division. (See: Nets, Brooklyn)

Instead, the rumored offer just blows.

The last thing the Celtics are going to do is sell low on Rondo - their most prized possession (OK, maybe aside from the Nets' 2013 first round pick...). The Knicks' rumored offer of Iman Shumpert's busted knee, Raymond Felton's pudginess, and Amar'e Stoudemire's expensive shell would certainly fall under the "selling low" category. Also, it would fall under the "what the %$^# is Ainge thinking?!" category.

Yes, New York, the Celtics would love to take all of your problems AND hand over Rondo - just to make it more fair. Why stop there? The C's should throw in a draft pick while they're at it!

Stoudemire makes over $21 million this season and over $23 million next season. You can actually play connect the dots with the injuries to Stoudemire and it would form the exact shape of his body. No, seriously - try it. You even get to dot the eyes.

The Celtics would have to include other players in the deal to make the contracts works, too.

Stoudemire and Shumpert have had major knee surgeries recently, and it's now been reported that Shumpert had another secret knee surgery over this offseason. Perfect! Felton is under contract through the 2015-16 season (player option), and he doesn't exactly help with the whole "rebuilding" phase. The Celtics aren't rebuilding a McDonalds here.

Both the New York Daily News and ESPN's Chris Broussard report that the Celtics have no interest in the trade. (Gee, ya think?!)

Broussard also reports that the Celtics have "every intention" of keeping Rondo and seeing if they can build around him. That's something Danny Ainge has said for a while, but we all know that for the right price, he might even trade his own son away.

Chris Mannix reports that the Knicks' lack of draft picks will be an obstacle in any trade for Rondo. Yes, lack of draft picks and lack of common sense.

The New York Daily News throws out a potential trade scenario between the Celtics and the Rockets in which Rondo would go to Houston and disgruntled center Omer Asik and former Harvard point guard Jeremy Lin would come back in the deal.

Again, there's no substance to that - and you'd have to think the C's wouldn't be too interested in that one, either. Lin is no Rondo, and Asik isn't enough to make up that difference. Plus, how would Lin deal with the tempting Harvard night-life he would return to as a superstar?. . .

The Celtics will pass on this Knicks offer for the reasons listed above and many more, but it's pretty clear that there will be a market for Rondo once he returns to the floor.

Serious inquiries only, please.