Rondo hints at wanting Anthony, Love on C's

Rondo hints at wanting Anthony, Love on C's
June 19, 2014, 1:45 pm
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Rajon Rondo has hinted on numerous occasions at wanting the Celtics to do something big in the offseason.

That again was the case on Thursday, where he joined ESPN's "Numbers Never Lie".

While not openly campaigning for either Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Love, both players were brought up on the show, and Rondo didn't shy away from discussing them.

Asked whether or not Anthony would be the missing piece for the Bulls, Rondo reluctantly agreed he could be.

"I hate to say it, but he just might be," Rondo said. "They have a great center in Joakim Noah that holds down the paint. He's probably one of the best pick-and-roll defenders in the league we have as a big. With Derrick Rose coming back, you have a big three in Chicago. I think Melo could be the missing piece, but if he does a move like that then we'll have to figure out something out in Boston."

Jemele Hill, who hosted the show, rattled off Houston as another option for Melo, before Rondo intervened.

"Or Boston . . . you never know what Danny is capable of doing," he said. "We want to be contenders as well next year. We don't plan on being down for too long. I think Danny has a lot of wiggle room with what he's done the last couple years with the draft so I'm looking forward to what's going to happen. So hopefully he doesn't go to Chicago."

So, how would Anthony fit in?

"I think after we try to get Melo, or that additional piece, then who knows," Rondo said. "The sky's the limit. I play to try to win a championship every year. And with Melo I think it's very possible."

If not Melo, maybe Love?

Love has also been linked to the Celtics over this offseason. Depending on what report you believe, they either have the best package for a trade, or the worst. Either way, Rondo knows that while getting Love would be great, they'd need more than just him.

"No. That's not all we need," Rondo said. "We need a couple pieces, but having a guy like Kevin Love wouldn't hurt as well."

There was, however, that picture of Rondo and Love talking at a Red Sox game during Love's trip to Boston. Rondo was asked about that little meeting, and whether or not he was doing a little recruiting.

"Not recruiting at all," Rondo said. "Kevin is under contract. With the CBA, the NBA takes that very seriously: no recruiting. We were at the game, I was sitting on the Monster seats, had some great seats, enjoying myself. I took a glove out with my son and we tried to catch a ball but none never came. As I was exiting, Kevin Love was at the box suites and I spoke to him, said hello, no pitch, just wanted him to enjoy his time in Boston, and that was about it."

So yeah, Rondo would certainly welcome Anthony, Love, or both. But he says he's not going to be disappointed if Love doesn't end up here.

"No. I can't go to sleep every night wanting to try to play with Kevin Love," Rondo said. "Right now I gotta go with what we have now in our locker room and Coach Stevens, so that's what I'm focused on now."