Rondo gets laughs on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Rondo gets laughs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The title of Funniest Boston Celtic has changed hands several times over the last few years. Mickael Pietrus probably deserved the honor this season. Last season it may have been Shaq or Nate Robinson. Even KG has his moments.

Rajon Rondo, on the other hand, has never even been in the discussion. But he did his best to make people laugh last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Rondo squared off with Tyson Chandler in a recurring game Kimmel calls Skype Scavenger Hunt. Without spoiling it, the segment gives us an inside look at Rondo's reading list, the oddest decoration in his home, and what he might wear in the shower. He's not particularly hysterical, but Kimmel makes this pretty funny.

Here's the clip:

Celtics pay tribute to Craig Sager in Tuesday's practice


Celtics pay tribute to Craig Sager in Tuesday's practice

The NBA is honoring longtime TNT broadcaster Craig Sager to begin the season, with teams wearing Sager-themed shirts across the league. 

Sager, 65, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2014, and it was announced in March that he had an expected three-to-six months to live. 

The Celtics celebrated Sager in full force at the end of Tuesday’s practice, changing into shirts with multi-colored flowers and clashing patterns in an ode to Sager’s signature style. The group gathered for pictures and shouted “Sager Strong,” a hashtag that’s circulated in support of the 65-year-old. 

After news emerged that his cancer had returned in March, TNT worked out a deal with ABC that allowed Sager to cover the NBA Finals for the first time in his 34-year career, leading to a memorable exchange with LeBron James after the Cavaliers won the NBA title.