Rondo finishes second in skills challenge


Rondo finishes second in skills challenge

ORLANDO, Fla. During the Skills Challenge, the biggest concern with Rajon Rondo seemed to be knocking down the top of the key jump-shot.

As it turned out, the one thing he does best during games - bounce passes - would actually prove costly as Rondo finished second to San Antonio's Tony Parker.

Parker's winning time in the finals was 32.8 seconds, while Rondo finished with a time in the finals of 34.6 seconds. New Jersey's Deron Williams was a distant third with a time of 41.4 seconds.

Just getting to the finals was a challenge for Rondo, who was tied with Washington's John Wall for the third and final spot in the initial round.

The two had to do the Skills Challenge once again to break the tie.

During the Challenge, which consists of various dribbling, shooting and passing drills, Rondo easily advanced past Wall with a time of 27.5 seconds - the best time of the night - while Wall clocked in with a time of 45.4 seconds.

In the finals, Rondo had a relatively easy go of things until the bounce pass drill which took him four attempts to complete.